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Are you feeling lonely? Do you need a companion that will be with you through and through? Well, fret no more! The Feline Frog Friends™ are here to "hop" into your life! Feline frogs are short, humanoid cat frog hybrids that are so friendly that they won't even hurt (or eat) a fly. These little creatures are created with science through lab accidents (Human feline frog fusions) or gene splicing (Home-grown feline frogs). Feline frogs as a species represent innocence, peace, and purity. Overall, they are the "purr"-fect paper pals for everyone! Children, teenagers, and even adults!

How can you create and recieve a feline frog of your own? Find out the process below!

1. Send in a picture of yourself or what you want your original feline frog character to be like through our email,! You can also request specifics like the pose, outfit, etc; just as long as it's suitable for all ages.

2. That picture will be sent to the Feline Frog Friends™ laboratory where it'll be drawn with expert level quality by the yours truly.

3. Once created, it will be carefully released from it's paper confinements using scissors.

4. Finally, it is coated with tape to make it last forever, and you will be sent a physical feline frog!

More details regarding shipping and handling coming soon.

If you want a pin, shirt, or digital drawing of your cat frog, you will be sent a special code word that you can save and put into our merch store, (Link coming soon!)